Kindergarten Memo

Hi Families!

Please see below for a quick update on things we are learning in class:


We are Storybook Readers!

  • Good Readers:
    • Understand that all of the pages in a book go together (begin to see sequence)
    • Notice more words and think about what they say
    • Re-tell the story (in order of events)
  • We also started our new reading unit called SUPERPOWERS!
    • We learned about pointer power (every word gets one tap, one-to-one matching)
    • We learned about reread power (if there is a problem, go back and reread)
    • We learned about partner power (we can help our partners and remind them to use our super reading powers)


We launched our Show and Tell unit, shifting our focus to informational writing. They are writing about things that are important to them, things they know a lot about, and places they love.  They’ve thought about their topics, planned across their pages and sketched their drawings, and added lots of labels.


  • We have been engaging in many math games and activities supporting concepts in counting, number sense, and addition.
    • Combining two numbers with totals to 20
    • Counting and representing quantities and making equivalent sets
    • Developing and analyzing visual images with quantities up to 20
    • Recognizing, identifying, and writing teen numbers
  • We are learning to use ten frames. Students look at and recreate images of dots, arranged in a ten frame and figure out how many more are needed to make 10.


Social Studies

  • We are learning about what it means to be a citizen in a community.
  • We are learning about different holidays (i.e. Halloween/Columbus day/Election day/Veterans day/Diwali)


Last month, we had Art Farm come and we learned all about mammals!  We felt antelope skin, a bone from a cow, and looked at hair from a porcupine.  We also met and pet 3 types of mammals: a chinchilla named Rocky, a gerbil named Jenny, and a guinea pig named Penelope!  We also learned that all mammals have lungs, fur or hair, bones in their bodies, and drink milk as babies.


  • Our core value last month was RESPECT and we have been learning about what respect means and what it looks like.
  • We are learning about the two golden rules:
    1. Treat people the way you want to be treated
    2. If you don’t have anything nice to say, please don’t say it


Miss Tracy