Second Grade Update- November 2019

Dear Second Grade Families, 

It is hard to believe that it is already November and almost time for Parent-Teacher Conferences. We are looking forward to meeting with you next week and talking about all of the progress we have seen. We know you have done this before so just as a reminder, our schedule is very tight. Please be on time for your conference. We will do our best to be as prompt as possible. 

Reading: As our second grader’s reading skills improve they are challenged with reading and understanding longer and more complex books. We are currently learning how to meet these challenges by setting up routines, maintaining stamina, and staying on track when books get tricky.  We’ll also be setting new goals as readers to guide us as our books get harder.

Writing: Our current writing unit is realistic fiction. In the classroom, we are reading realistic fiction texts to use as our mentor texts. The children are creating their own characters and working to make them complex (just like real people). While writing realistic fiction pieces, their focus will be on developing a relatable story with a problem that involves an intense emotion and a resolution.  

 Math: We just launched a unit on the early development of multiplication.  Through realistic contexts, like the inside of a grocery store and postage stamps, the children will be focusing on efficient grouping using strategies like repeated addition, skip-counting, and doubling and halving. We are continuing to focus on explaining our strategies and thinking, and also listening to the explanations of others in order to be able to become more efficient mathematicians.

Phonics: We started our Brand- New Phonics unit. We are currently reviewing what we learned in first grade as Phonics Detectives. We will be building on this knowledge and making connections to our reading and writing throughout the year. 

Other Notes of Importance:

  • Birthday Snack – We love celebrations!  Keep in mind the celebration should be 10-15 minutes as to not interfere with our academic work.  For our birthday celebrations this year, we invite you to join our class and share a special book of your family’s choice.  Please note, we will not be celebrating with food. Please give us a week’s notice to plan a celebration, and remember, goodie bags are not permitted during school celebrations.
  • Changes to dismissal need to be given in writing.  Please send a note either weekly or the morning of a dismissal change.
  • PLEASE label your child’s sweaters, jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, and anything else they might take off during the day! There are lots of articles of clothing that come into the room in the morning and they are not claimed (or are lost) by the end of the day.  This will make it easier for us to help the children keep track of their things. 
  • Scholastic Book Orders will be going home. If you are interested in ordering, please use your child’s class code to order at (Class 203’s code is J86FM.  Class 206’s code is H2LJ7.) Please place your orders by 11/15/19. 


All the best,

Robyn and Ms. Capehart