3rd Grade Winter Sing

Dear 3rd Grade Families,

This week we started preparing for our Winter Sing which is on Wednesday, January 29, 2020.  A lot of students asked me to put a recording of the song we are singing for the Winter Sing on the school website, which I think is a wonderful idea.  After all, it will help your children learn the song.  The song we will be singing is Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel.  I have included the link to the video for students to listen to as they follow along with their lyrics, which they will receive by next week.  For now, they can also just listen to the music without the lyrics, to get to know the song better.  Thank you for your support.


Ms. Waldman


This video is from Simon and Garfunkel’s live performance at Central Park on September 19, 1981. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrcwRt6J32o