STEAM Club Update

This year, I am offering students the opportunity to participate in a STEAM club during their recess time. The club runs in five week sessions, for one grade at a time. Currently, I am running a fourth grade and second grade STEAM club. In order to make the experiences unique and special, it is important to limit the number of students participating in the STEAM club at any one time. The current group of students will participate in one more session, completing a five week cycle. After the five week cycle, the remaining students from grade two and four who want to participate in the club will have their own five week cycle. Beginning in the new year, grade one and three students will have the opportunity to join the STEAM club for a five week cycle. If there are more than fifteen students from either grade that are interested in joining, I will split the list alphabetically and offer a subsequent five week cycle, ensuring that all students in every grade have the opportunity to experience the STEAM club. After all students in grades one and three have completed their five week cycles, I will be offering the STEAM club to Kindergarten and Fifth grade students.

The types of activities we will be completing differ based on the ages and interests of the group. Currently, second graders are using the computer program to create sand art. The program challenges students to drop sand, that follows the laws of gravity, from the sky in order to make aesthetically pleasing designs. Fourth grade students are currently working on website design using the Google website building tool, Google Sites. Other activities may include non-computer related activities such as a variety of building challenges where students are asked to build structures using a limited amount of materials.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me,, if you have any questions.