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Lower Lab Values Generosity

November 2019

Thank You, Omu! Written and Illustrated by Oge Mora


As we approach Thanksgiving, we think about all for which we are grateful. Then, soon after, comes the December holidays, when we often think about all of the things that we wish for and may even receive.  Therefore, right now, is an ideal time to think about that which we can give.  So please join me in thinking about our newest Lower Lab Value – generosity, defined in the Cambridge English Dictionary as “the quality of condition of being generous, and a willingness to give help or support or more.”

Thank you, Omu, a 2019 Caldecott Honor book, tells a beautiful and simple story, very similar to the classic, Stone Soup, in which a very kind woman shares her stew with people that live and work in her neighborhood.  She is later highly rewarded when her pot is empty. This book honors the simplicity of sharing what you have and how kindness can also be returned in simple, yet life altering ways.  The author, influenced by her Nigerian roots, has shared that this book (her first) was inspired by the strong female role models of her life.

How simple is it to be generous?  Up until the winter break, let us discuss how we can be generous, as individuals, as members of a family, as members of a community, and as members of Lower Lab. It is a wonderful opportunity to engage in thoughtful conversations about giving, in small ways and in larger ways.  Some good discussion may also be yielded from the following:

  • What were you thinking when Omu kept giving away her stew?
  • Can you think of a time when you gave something away that you really wanted? Was it difficult or easy? Why?
  • Generosity isn’t only about money. How else can you be generous?
  • Generosity requires action – which is different than empathy or kindness.
  • No matter how little you have, it is always possible to give. People say, “you can always be generous with your time.” Think of 3 ways.
  • Lower Lab has many opportunities for students, staff and families to be generous. Check out these opportunities…by asking your teacher, or come up with some others!  Kristin can also be a great resource with Lower Lab Cares.

Got generosity?

SGM 2019