5th Grade Practice Tasks Week of 11/18/19 to 11/25/19

Dear 5th Grade Families,

It was a pleasure talking to some of you yesterday.  The practice tasks for this upcoming week include:

Essential Elements #157 and 158, which contain two new notes for violin on the E string and two new notes for bass on the A string.

Please also continue to work on Gypsy Moon measures 34 to 43.  The performance tempo goal is around 110 to 120 beats per minute.

In addition, please work on measures 90 to 100 of Gypsy Moon.  It is important to rest for the correct number of beats and come in when you are supposed to.  This when a metronome comes in handy.  I would start at quarter note equals 80 beats per measure which you can type in youtube’s search engine.

Continue to practice measures 56 to 67 of A Vivaldi’s School Year.  We need to be more confident with the rhythm in these measures.  A dotted half note gets three beats.  Clap out the rhythm and say the syllables like we do in class.  You can use a metronome to ensure you are not slowing down or rushing.  Ideally, we want our performance tempo to be around 108 beats per minute.

Happy Practicing,

Ms. Waldman