Art with Ms. Michelle

December 2019

Art has been an iridescent month with terrific amber and russet colors. So many of our artistic projects have been completed and ready to share with all. Kindergarten has worked very hard on lines, shapes and pattern designs. Our students were inspired by the Kente Cloth fabric designs created from Ghana in West Africa. They practiced this similar art seen on the textiles of shape repetition; then mixed secondary colors; orange, purple and green and painted over with watercolors. They watched how blankets were woven and used their small and talented fingers with scissors to fringe cut to their top and bottom blankets. This project supported students in learning how to study a craft and then duplicate into an art form.

Amazing Fifth Grade Artists

First Grade completely their Toulouse Lautrec Chic Black cat and angled background design. Second grade started a wonderful autumn leaf mandala art.

First Grades Chic Cat
Kente Cloth Art-Kindergarten