December 2019

Art in autumn has been an iridescent month with terrific amber and russet colors. So many of our artistic projects have been completed and ready to share with all.

kente cloth by kindergarten

Kindergarten has worked very hard on lines, shapes and pattern designs. Our students were inspired by the Kente Cloth fabric designs created from Ghana in West Africa. They practiced this similar art seen on the textiles of shape repetition; then mixed secondary colors; orange, purple and green and painted over with watercolors. They watched how blankets were woven and used their small and talented fingers with scissors to “fringe cut” their top and bottom blankets. This project supported students in learning how to study a craft and then duplicate into an art form.

Chat Noir -First Grade
  • Our First graders created am amazing rendition of art inspired by artist Toulouse Lautrec and his poster of Chat Noir. Angular line designs using pens adjacent to a collaged silhouette of the cat carefully cut with curved lines adding white charcoal for details. Very chic and beautiful. This is currently on display in the student’s  classroom.
  • Second grade is completing their incredible Picasso art. Angles, profiles and warm /cool color schemes. Stay tuned!
  • Third graders designed a close up of their face using contrast and shadows. They also rendered their name with bubble letters. This art will be featured outside of the art room. Creativity at its best.
Third Grade Portraits

Fourth graders completed their monochromatic rainbow of portraits. Learning the art of “value” students were able to put together their image in one color scheme. Adding several analagous shades to deepen the design was practiced. Red isn’t just red…it is many variations of the color from light to dark; mixed with shades of yellow, orange pink and purple. Exciting to see this self- expression.

4th Grade Monochromatic Art

Fifth grader’s rock; diligently completing their vellum paper realistic portraits. All students studied contrast, value, shadows and pencil techniques. This was created with serious dedication and passion. Amazing from top to bottom. In addition, an artist statement was written about each portrait to explain their ideas and motivation.

December is a wonderful time of year. Happy holidays and all the best in 2020.

Fifth Grade Portraits!

Stay tuned …
more magic is on its way.