December 5th Grades K-2 Coffee Talk with Sarah Picard Literacy Coach from Teacher’s College

Our next visit with your Literacy Coach Sarah Picard will be the first week of December.

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Topic: Crossing the Bridge into Independent Chapter Book Reading:  Supporting your kids in reading comprehension and fluency as they become more capable readers.

This workshop will help you understand the reading comprehension work that lies inside of longer books like a 36 page Mr. Putter, a 48-page Pinky and Rex, an 88 page Magic Tree House, and a 144 page Amber Brown.

We’ll talk through the similarities and differences so you can imagine your child climbing the ladder of difficulty with independence.  First, you’ll get tips for reading aloud longer books like this to younger children.

We’ll look at books and name the important places to pause and practice comprehension strategies.  And then we’ll talk through some ways to engage your first and second graders in their talk about chapter books they read independently.

You’ll learn more about how to support your second graders who are writing about their reading too.  Last, you’ll leave with a list of some of Sarah’s favorite chapter books for k-2 readers.