Physical Education in December

Dear families,

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! In December, our students will continue to participate in aerobic and muscular endurance activities.

In the lower grades (k through 2), students will practice exercises that develop upper and lower body strength such as abc push-ups, spaghetti and meatballs (modified sit-up), squats and lunges. In addition, will practice skills that develop eye-hand coordination such as throwing, catching, tossing, rolling and sliding objects. Students will use these skills in games such as bean bag tag, castleball, bowling and pinguard.

In the upper grades, (3-5), students will practice muscular endurance and strength exercises such as the push-up, sit up, push-up plank, leg lifts and squats. 4th and 5th graders will participate in the push-up test, a NYC fitnessgram assessment that measures students muscular endurance. To be considered in the healthy fitness zone, 9 year olds must complete 6 or more push-ups. For 10 year olds, students must complete 7 or more push-ups.

In addition, students in upper grades will practice football skills such as throwing, catching, route running and ball security. Students will learn the proper mechanics for throwing a football.