Upper-Grade Technology Update December

Dear families,

In upper-grade technology, students are developing exciting and innovative projects using digital tools at school. In the 3rd grade, students are finishing up their STEAM projects using Minecraft Education. Their objective is to build a structure (house, farm, zoo, hospital) that can withstand a natural disaster such as a rainstorm, tornado or hurricane. Here’s a screen shot of Mr. Goodmans Structure.

3rd grade STEAM Project using Minecraft Education

Mindmapping with 4th graders using Mindmeister

In the 4th grade, students are creating MindMaps that summarize the elements of a story. In this case, students are using the book “Hello Universe” by Erin Entrada Kelly. This a read-aloud book that both 4th-grade teachers have completed with the students in class. In technology, students are using a website called Mindmeister to design their maps. Students must have four branches on their map (themes, characters, plot and setting).

See the example below for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Students are expected to complete this assignment before Christmas break. They will publish their map and submit the link to Mr. Goodman on google classroom.

5th Grade Fictional Book Review using Google Sites

In the 5th grade, students are editing and submitting their fictional book reviews using google sites. On their sites, students are required to add multiple pages that include summaries, characters, settings and a review.

5th-grade example