Digital Media K – 2


Kindergarten students are continuing to use Seesaw to complete projects that put a larger emphasis on sequencing. For example, in one recent activity, students were asked to make a series of pictures that show something happening in order. The students were asked to use both text and drawings to create their mini stories. In the coming weeks, the students will continue to work on projects that focus on sequencing, as putting things in the proper order is a foundational skill for computer programming and coding.

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First Grade

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First grade students are continuing to use Seesaw to complete projects that put a larger emphasis on typing. In one activity, students were asked to look at a picture and to write sentences about what they are seeing in the picture. Students were required to use proper capitalization and punctuation to the best of their abilities. In the coming weeks, students will begin to use a variety of apps, including Seesaw and Tynker, to learn about basic coding and computer programing.

Second Grade

Second grade students have begun coding use the website This website allows the students to log in using their Google accounts and is designed to meet the needs of all students, no matter their previous coding experience or ability level. The first lessons are all about how to drag and drop blocks in a specific order so that the computer can understand what we want it to do. As we say in class, computers only speak computer languages and when we are coding we are using the language the computer can understand.

In order to log into the student accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Sign out of any Google accounts that might be signed in on your home computer.
  2. Go to
  3. Select Sign In
  4. Select Continue with Google
  5. Log in using your student’s Google account.

Sample username and password for a student named John Doe:


Password: student77

We also strongly recommend that students continue to visit in order to practice their typing skills. The steps to access are below.

  1. Log out of any Google email accounts that may be open on the home computer.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click Use Another Account
  4. Log in with the child’s Google username and password. (see below for sample login credentials)
  5. Choose the appropriate class
  6. Click the link
  7. Click Student Log In
  8. Click log in with Google.