January – The Sound of a New Decade!

Dear Families, 

Happy New Year!  Welcome to a new decade!  Hard to believe we are about half way through the school year.  We are also now in the month of our Winter Sing, which we will focus on a lot during the month.  From kindergarten to third grade we will fine tune (no pun intended) our singing.  In addition, we will add what I call finishing touches to make the Winter Sing special such as a movement or dynamics.  Sometimes adding a simple movement to the end of the song or changing the volume as we sing is the extra touch we need for audiences to remember our performances.  

In addition to musically preparing our Winter Sing, we will also discuss how to be mentally and emotionally prepared.  For instance, we will discuss ways to combat stage fright and nerves. Combating stage fright and nerves is due to lack of preparedness, sleep, or poor diet.  I think we can already check off preparedness, because we have spent a lot of time and will spend even more time preparing.  Being prepared is crucial but many people underestimate the importance of diet and sleep for a successful concert, which is why we will discuss the benefits of sleep and the right foods to eat before our Winter Sing.  

4th and 5th graders get a little more time to prepare for the concert in June.  We will be learning our notes well and ensuring we do everything printed in black and white.  A big component of this is playing the dynamics on the page. Many orchestras often ignore dynamics and just play one volume.  However, dynamics is what makes the music interesting. If we just played a piece with one dynamic it would sound uninteresting.  This is similar to how we talk. As we talk to people, our voices go up and down without realizing it. This comes more naturally compared to playing music but all it takes is awareness.  I know it’s easier said than done, but it is a skill I believe anyone can achieve.  

All the best, 

Ms. Waldman