Art with Ms. Michelle

January 2020

Happy New Year from Noah and K101 and K106

Happy New Year to everyone! As we welcome in 2020, get ready for new and exciting art that will fill all our eyes and hearts with joy. Kindergarten ended the season with beautiful textured leaves and glorious ideas for many holidays. Currently they are fashion artists, creating original beanie hats that include name designs and robust colors.

First Graders learned about many December cultural art. Creating an abstract line collage for Kwanzaa in addition to their weaving projects turned out beautiful. This is featured in each first grade classroom. Now with our cold weather, we are preparing some alphabet soup. Tasty pastels mixed with acrylic paints. This is a one of a kind food art. Students also will put together an artistic placemat along a napkin and spoon. Stay tuned.

Kwanzaa’s abstract collage

Second grade have completed their Picasso portraits. Learning how to combine the front view with the profile view was our first task. Next students created a warm and cool color venue. This terrific art is featured in room 2-203.

Charcoal Portraits

Third grade is focused on the unit “Positive and Negative” art, in which they learn how to crop, balance and add movement to their compositions. The Romero Briton colorful portraits from 3-108 will be on display shortly.

Fourth grade completed their portraits that were rendered with black and white charcoal. Learning how to add shadows connected to highlights on various features of the face created depth and dimension. Calligraphy was studied for their individual quote relating to personal expression. This fabulous display can be viewed in room 245.

Fifth grade has also finished their masterpieces with amazing soft parallel lines for realistic portraits. They are currently learning the techniques of watercolors that include silhouette tree art.


The New Year is like a blank sketchbook. Place the pen, brush or crayon in your hand; now welcome the opportunity at your fingertips.

Make it happen…… The future is magical…. just like art.