Physical Education in January

Dear families,

Happy new year! This month, students in all grade levels will practice muscular strength and muscular endurance exercises. In grades K through 2nd grade, students will practice abc push-ups, spaghetti and meatballs, squats, leg lifts and lunges. In addition, students will practice manipulatives such as the underhand throw, overhand throw, catching, striking and sliding beanbags. Students will use these skills in games such as bean bag bowling, castleball, coin collector, 4 square jump rope and ring ball. We will have class discussions in which students will explain ways in which they can stay fit during the winter in limited space.

In grades 3 through 5, students will participate in team activities such as ultimate football and tchoukball. In tchoukball, the objective is to score points for your team by throwing a ball off the opposing teams rebounder and having it land on the court.

In addition to the team sports, the students will practice for the curl -up test, a NYC Fitnessgram assessment. The 4th and 5th grade students will take this test on the week of January 20th.

To be reach the healthy fitness zone, 9 year old students must complete 9 or more curl-ups without error. 10 year old students must complete 12 or more curl-ups without error.