January 7, 2020

Hello 4-243 Families,

Happy New Year.  We are off to a smooth start for the year. Before the break, we started wrapping up many units of curriculum and are launching a few new things in the coming weeks.

In Reading, we are finishing our read aloud and will do a couple of “mini-units” before launching a larger unit on Historical Fiction close to the end of the month.  While students are still in partnerships for a few more days, I want to remind everyone that each partnership must submit 4 formal reading responses during this partnership.  Once that has been completed, students can continue to read with a partner but are not obligated to do the extended response.  The jotting continues, however.  Once partnerships end, we will have a short period of time for individual reading before launching clubs.

Our writing work will consist of building up our writing notebook entries as we accumulate ideas for future writing tasks.  I know you will agree with me that the recent Informational Writing projects were very impressive and showed a lot of growth in students’ ability to research, note-take, organize, and write thorough essays.  We will return to essay writing through the next many weeks.

In math, we continue with fractions.  We will do some graphing with fractions and then move on to operations  with fractions.  It will be a blend of fourth grade and fifth grade standards and units.

Our Social Studies work is moving along the timeline.  We will spend a few days on Exploration, focussing on Dutch and English in New York. This will lead us into our larger Colonial America/Revolution study that will take up much of the next few months.  We will use some of this learning to write our Wingspan Play.  That will be exciting!

Finally, Test Prep. The school will be administering practice tests in the coming weeks.  We will begin formal test prep in a few weeks but be assured, if I see anything of concern during the practice test, I’ll be in touch with you directly.

Another gentle reminder: if there is a change in dismissal, please make sure to send in a written note that morning. Also, take a look around the house for any books belonging to Lab School.  We’ll take them happily.