Digital Media, K-2 January Post


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Kindergarten students are continuing to work on sequencing activities in technology class. One assignment is to write a three part mini story based on one of the picture stories the students completed. Additionally, students were challenged to practice manipulating media images that they imported into Seesaw. In this particular case, the student made a sequence of the same emoji from smallest to largest. Although a simple activity on face value, this challenge required quite a few steps. Additionally, changing the size of an image to the exact size you want it requires quite a bit of dexterity.

First Grade

First grade students most recently completed projects based on what they are learning in science class. These activities required the students to recall what they learned in science about the Sun, Earth, and Moon and to demonstrate their scientific understandings using technology. As a warm up, students dragged and dropped as well as adjusted the size of labels over a background image of the Sun, Earth, and Moon. After this quick activity, the students used what they have learned to do on the iPads to create their own diagrams of the Sun, Earth, and Moon. Some of the understandings demonstrated in the student drawn image above include the location of the equator, the orbit of the Earth, the idea that day and night occur because the Earth spins on it’s axis, the moon is much smaller than the Earth, and there are other things in our solar system as well, such as meteors.

Second Grade

Second grade students are continuing to use the coding lessons available from The lessons are designed in such a way that each step teaches the student the purpose of, or the function of a particular coding block such as a move forward or repeat command. Some students with prior coding experience have been able to skip forward through the lessons, while students who needed to review a particular aspect of the coding challenge can repeat a step or go back a few steps to assess what might be confusing them. Additionally, students are allowed to choose to use our class typing tutor as well during technology class. Most students have chosen to continue coding, however the students choosing to work on the typing tutor accurately realized that before they could really take advantage of the coding programs, they needed to familiarize themselves with the keyboard layout further.

Sample username and password for a student named John Doe:


Password: student77

In order to log into the student accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Sign out of any Google accounts that might be signed in on your home computer.
  2. Go to
  3. Select Sign In
  4. Select Continue with Google
  5. Log in using your student’s Google account.

In order to log into the student accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Log out of any Google email accounts that may be open on the home computer.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click Use Another Account
  4. Log in with the child’s Google username and password.
  5. Choose the appropriate class
  6. Click the link
  7. Click Student Log In
  8. Click log in with Google.