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Lower Lab Values Courage

Book of the Month for January 2020

I Am Jazz by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings

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Some synonyms for courage are bravery, determination, endurance, fearlessness and fortitude.  All of these words speak to a person’s strength.  In the new year and new decade, 2020, let us celebrate those who are strong and courageous, those who stand up for who they are or want to be, and those who stand up for anyone who is different.    

I Am Jazz is a book about courage, as it tells the true story of a young child who “has a girl brain but a boy body.”  It explains transgender and how this child gained recognition and happiness being who she was meant to be.  Part of the story is about Jazz’s family and later about her elementary school life, taking us through times of confusion to finally understanding and acceptance.  It is very hard for children to be different, but this story, told in a very positive light, is one that can truly enlighten and empower its readers to be braver than they were before.

I Am Jazz gives us the opportunity to discuss a serious topic in a safe way.  It can also address how one can act when something is different about someone else.  Some good discussion may be yielded from the following:

  • Have you ever worried what other children would think about you? What did you do?
  • Can you think of a time when it was hard to be who you are or say what you were thinking? How did that make you feel?
  • How did courage become a main idea or theme in this story? Who demonstrated courage? Discuss.
  • Jazz said, “Pretending I was a boy felt like telling a lie.” What did she mean?
  • What kinds of things make people feel different from one another? What would it be like if everyone acted the same?
  • How can schools make it easier and better for kids who are different?

Jazz Jennings is an honorary cofounder of the Transkids Purple Rainbow Foundation, (, if you would like to check out how she helps kids across the country.

It takes courage to be who you really are.  It takes courage to support others being who they really are.

got courage?

SGM 2020

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