5th Grade Practice Tasks 1/13/20 to 1/20/20

Dear 5th Grade Families, 

I just wanted to kindly remind you it is important to practice consistently to make progress on an instrument.  Students need to practice at least 10 minutes a day for five days a week as part of Lower Lab’s policy. Personally, I think it would be best to practice 15 minutes every day week.  I understand, if you need to skip a day or two during the week, but the more you practice and the smarter you practice the better you will get on your instrument. Please also remember that you may not be where you want to be immediately and that’s okay.  I have to remind myself this too when I practice. A little progress each time you practice will go a long way and eventually you will see the results you want.  

Essential Elements #98 in G Major – Please practice this with the different rhythms we did in class including: as written (half notes), quarter notes, eighth notes, and whole notes.  I would use a metronome for this to make sure you are playing your rhythms steadily. I would type in YouTube or if you have a metronome set the quarter to 92 beats per minute.  If you have a metronome that dings on the first beat or makes a different sound on the first beat compared to the other beats even better.  

Vivaldi School Year (Measures 68 to 73/Measures 74 to the End) – The warm-up Essential Elements #98 I previously stated should help you play rhythms more accurately from measures 68 to 73.  That’s why I am having you play #98 in different rhythms so you can play the rhythms more accurately. Make sure the notes sound in tune from measures 74 to the end.  The rhythm is getting a lot better here it’s just we need to make sure we are playing with the best sound possible.  

Gypsy Moon (measures 56 to End for 5A and measure 34 to end for 5B) – Please make sure you are doing everything in black and white.  I know easier said than done, but we need to make this piece sound exciting.  To accomplish this we have to do the dynamics written and the articulation (i.e. accents).  I think listening to the recording before you practice will help you a lot to get the idea.  

Happy Practicing, 

Ms. Waldman