Note from the Principal

April 8, 2020

Dear Lower Lab Community,

I am feeling a lot better writing this update.  Perhaps it is because I saw over 350 smiling faces during our Live Lower Lab Values Assembly on Mindfulness.  Perhaps it is because we have a plan through April 17th.  Perhaps it is because I am looking forward to some holiday time, albeit different, with my family.  Perhaps it is because of the many, many emails of support and gratitude that I received this week in regard to the work that Lower Lab is doing for our students.  I was not able to respond to every email as I usually try to do, but please know I appreciate every one of them and shared your kind sentiments with the staff.

So, for the “school days” through April 17th, here is what we have planned:

  • Every morning will start with a PE video routine from Mr. Goodman. This is for ALL (good for any age) students.  The link for this week is: Mike first Fitness Video  -no password is required.  There may be an additional video and link available for next week.  I will keep you updated on this.
  • As stated in the letter from SLT on April 6th, this Thursday and Friday, we have agreed that there will be a live morning session with teachers (unless he or she is observing the holidays). There will also be some additional activities and resources posted on google classrooms.  In addition, teachers will be using these days to plan for the weeks ahead.  We will also be utilizing this time to review alternative platforms for video-conferencing, as we are required (at this moment) to transition away from Zoom.
  • Looking ahead: The week beginning on April 13th will be lighter, supportive and less academic than the rest of our remote learning program. We are planning for fun activities with no homework or packets to complete.
  • Classroom teachers will meet live with their students at 9am for interaction, checking in, show-and-talk, community building, discussion, read-aloud, morning meeting, activities, and explaining available resources
  • Specialists will meet live with their students between 10am and noonschedules will be posted on google classrooms – remember to use passwords
  • Josh and Rebecca will have a 20-minute SEL session with each class, focusing on how children are feeling and impacted during these difficult times.  These sessions will be scheduled between 10am and noon. They will be included in your schedule on google classroom.   Josh’s link  for these sessions is  and his password is: mindful
  • Every day during the week of April 13th will be a spirit day.  Please plan accordingly…

Lower Lab School Spirit week covid 19

I will keep you posted as necessary, on further changes.  In the meantime, I hope you and your family can get some rest, relish family time, enjoy the holidays and stay healthy.


All the best,

Sandy Miller