Another update from your Principal – re-Zooming!

Dear Lower Lab Community,

I planned to send this to you tomorrow, but I know some are eager for this change.  Therefore, I am very pleased to share that, after much deliberation, trial and tribulation, we have decided to re-zoom with the DoE, security-improved, version of Zoom.  This may require a bit more effort upfront, which is why we asked you to set up your child’s DoE email, username and password, but we feel that this is worth it.  Zoom offers better features for our remote learning program than Google Meet, which we have been using for the past few weeks.

Attached you will find a very precise how-to for this transition.  Please follow it closely.  Ideally you can print it out, fill in the blanks with your child’s username and password, and keep it handy/near the computer that your child uses for class time.  If it does not work for you the first time, close all windows, and slowly follow steps 1-3 again.

Beginning on May 26th, all classes will be fully transitioned to Zoom for their live sessions, while still using google classroom for student assignments, schedules and resources.  Some classes may be zooming this week.

In order for Mr. G to support students and teachers with this transition, there will be no Technology classes with upper grades this week.

Thank you always for your support and patience,

Sandra G. Miller