School Supplies 4th Grade

Please find the requested items for the 2020-2021 school year.

Parents/students should label supplies:

First Name, Last Name and Class Number

  • Example: Max Goodman – K-106


  • Max G – K-106

Some items will stay at home and some will be stored in classrooms. Teachers will be sharing more info in the weeks to come. Thank you for your continued support.

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Dear Lower Lab Families,

As the new school year approaches we look forward to having many creative learning experiences with ART. Our main priority is a clean environment.  One of the best ways to accomplish this safety measure is for our young artists to be prepared for each lesson with their own individual Art Toolbox. What is a Toolbox? This is a container with their class and name on it to hold their art materials. It can be a shoebox, shopping bag, or backpack. Students will be expected to have these supplies with them at the beginning of each art class. When will we be using various supplies? The core foundation in September begins with learning the Art Elements and exploring lines and shapes. The best way to approach this concept is by using regular Xerox paper with pencils and sharpies. The eraser is always handy.

As we proceed forward our students will learn the essence of color theory. Crayons, markers, and colorful pencils or sharpies are added Practicing the skills and purpose with each medium is a steady, sequential learning process. As time goes by, students will work with watercolor paints and three-dimensional projects, using clay and cardboard. These supplies will be requested later in the school year as needed.

ART Supply List:

One full package of Xerox paper 81/2 x 11

Several folders {at least 4) to hold and organize work

One pair of scissors – child friendly

Pencils and eraser

One package of colorful construction paper-

A few black sharpie pens.. can be thick or thin, or both

One box of crayons (at least 8)

One box of color pencils (at least 8)

One box of markers which can be thick and thin or both (at least 8)

One ruler

A few glue sticks and scotch tape

Bag or box to hold your pencils and stay organized

A few circle templates for tracing

( things from around the house -bottle top or lid different sizes)