Art with Ms. Michelle

September 2020

Welcome! The Art Room is an exciting  place this time of year as we rollout new creative learning opportunities for our students.

Happiness can be experienced many ways, especially with Art.

Art will be in a virtual space; learning remotely. What is wonderful about our subject is that, art is art and can be done anywhere, anytime, in any way. That is the beauty of personal expression.

We can begin our new season sharing our art memories and summer experiences. Next, we want to  review the art Zoom rules. Safety is our priority. Respect and classroom etiquette are essential.

Students will create their art tool box of supplies in addition to learning how to organize their work as the weeks go by. Artists love having portfolios of their ventures as a way to show their thinking and progress.

Four blank manilla folders are the best way to begin. Students will learn how to add decorative frames, typography and calligraphy. We also can add to the toolbox several index cards. Practing logo graphic art will be a wonderful opportunity to create signs for communication on Zoom. I will announce to everyone ahead of time when to bring the supplies to class. Stay tuned. First we are just going to meet and greet.

In the upcoming weeks the elements of art will be explored. Portraits designed in various styles are an exciting ways to express your personal story. Creativity with children will broaden their art horizon adding new ways to think, vocabulary, history, culture and of course imagination. 

Looking forward to an artistic year ahead.