September 15, 2020 

Dear Second Grade Families,

Welcome back!  We hope everyone had a restful summer. We are looking forward to working with you and your child during this unprecedented, unique year ahead.

Attached, please find a schedule for September 16th, 17th and 18th. On these three days, all of our students will be remote, as we use this time to orient them to the complexities of hybrid learning. We look forward to establishing connections and making clear our new procedures, policies and expectations before Cohort A enters the building on the newly-scheduled first day of school, September 21, 2020.

We would like to introduce our second grade team:

Leslie Blaustein will be teaching all the fully remote learners (cohort D), in addition to cohorts A, B and C on their remote days. Leslie brings twenty years of teaching expertise in grades 2-5 and looks forward to raising the bar for all remote learners with a balance of rigor and creativity to further instill students’ love of learning. 

Robyn Millman will be teaching all in person cohorts A, B and C for class 2-206 on their designated days, as well as also working with cohort D remotely throughout the week. This is Robyn’s 15th year at Lab and 5th year teaching 2nd grade. She is excited to face the challenge of this year with all the new second graders. Together we will make this a fun, successful, and academic filled school year. 

Michael Russo will be teaching all in person cohorts A, B and C for class 2-203 on their designated days, as well as also working with cohort D remotely throughout the week. This is Michael’s third year being part of the Lower Lab community. Michael stepped in as the teacher for class 2-203 last school year, and looks forward to continuing strengthening second graders skills to make them leaders of their own learning.  

We are aware that any degree of remote learning presents a challenging technology demand in many households. Please know that we are all here to work with you and will work out any hiccups along the way. We have an extraordinary community of learners and teachers at Lower Lab. There is no reason to believe that we can’t make this very odd year a wonderful opportunity for all of us to grow from this experience.

We will review supplies and expectations with students on September 16th. It is our belief that the supplies requested will support our learners whether they are at home or attending an in school cohort. 

Regarding Physical Education: This will be posted as a pre-recorded video that students can engage in during free time before or after the school day, or during an independent work time as a movement break. 

To help us to keep the line of communications clear, please address any emails as follows: 

2-203: &

2-206: &

We are hoping that we can use what we have learned from COVID-19’s impact on our country to make our education more relevant and consequential. We are hoping that we can become kinder and more compassionate people under these challenging times. 

If you haven’t already, please let us know your child’s dismissal schedule for each day of the week. Please feel free to email us with any questions and we look forward to an exciting and productive year at The Lower Lab School! 

Until soon,

Leslie Blaustein (Remote Teacher)

Robyn Millman (Second Grade Teacher 2-206)

Michael Russo (Second Grade Teacher 2-203)

Live~ Love~ Lab!

Kindly click on the links below:

Student Exit Slip (please complete and return via email) 

Parent Exit Slip   (please complete and return via email) 


Supplies For School & Supplies to Have Readily Accessible From Home 

Please DO NOT bring any additional supplies, games for recess or any other items. 

Quantity Item Location 
1Pencil Case to hold the following supplies…School & Home
3 X 3 Post itsSchool & Home
2sharpened pencils School & Home
1Individual sharpener School & Home
2Composition notebooks School & Home
1Black flair pen School & Home
1Folder- Red Reading School & Home
Folder- Blue Writing School & Home
1Folder- Yellow Math School & Home
Water Bottle School
2Masks dailySchool
1Personal-sized antibacterial hand gel- dailySchool
1Packet of personal tissues- dailySchool
1lunchSchool (optional)