Update on Transportation from William Washington

Hello Lower Lab families. I wanted to give an update on Transportation this year. As you know we have changed our arrival time and dismissal time in compliance with the Department of Education. Our new start time of 8:45 AM and dismissal time of 2:15 PM 

The Office of Pupil Transportation will be mirroring the session times set in place for the 2019/2020 school year. This means that sites like The NYC Schools Account as well as the OPT website will display our official start/dismissal time as the previous times of 8:15 AM and 2:35 PM.

I have been in contact with our bus drivers individually to figure out a workaround OPT. Currently, all our afternoon drivers will be able to accommodate our new dismissal time of 2:15 PM. While all stop locations will remain the same, this accommodation will mean a new drop off time for all afternoon stops. Attached to this email is a word document of what new drop off times may look like. The new times will not be available on the OPT or NYCSA websites as they are not official stop times, just something to give a better idea of what stop times may be. 

Morning bus routes and time will stay the same until The Office of Transportation allows for session times to be changed (an ongoing conversation at central office that has yet to be finalized). Students who arrive by bus will still arrive at the side entrance on 95th street in between 3rd and Lexington avenue. Once inside the building, students will have the option of grabbing a bagged breakfast and will head down to the gymnasium to sit socially distanced and supervised by our staff until 8:45 AM. It is important to note that students arriving by bus in the morning can arrive as early as 7:50 AM or 8:00 AM.

I also want to attach a link from the Schools.nyc.gov website regarding cleaning and sanitation on the buses: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/school-year-20-21/district-school-reopening-plan-submission-to-nysed/transportation

Transportation – schools.nyc.gov

Cleaning and Sanitation. All school transportation vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected each day using CDC recommended cleaning and disinfection protocols, the specifics of which will be provided to parents prior to the start of school.


William Washington, School Aide

The Lower Lab School – P.S. 77 

(212) 427-2798