Art with Ms. Michelle

As art class is fully remote, learning how to organize all of our upcoming creative projects at home will be a fun and exciting experience. To have that take place, student’s will need folders.

Please be prepared to bring 3 plain, blank manilla folders to class this week; September 29th. Kindergarten can bring three.

Remember your Art toolbox (rulers too). Art lessons focus on how to design a series of visuals for each folder. Student’s will learn various pathways to connect overall illustrations into a theme that includes their creative, personal expression. We will divide and conquer by organizing upcoming days with the following:

1. Work in progress

2. Finished Art -Portfolio

3. Art History/ Vocabulary/ Critiques/ Mission Statements… Printed worksheets

Looking forward to happy and healthy days ahead. Thank you. Ms. Michelle

Folder waiting for Art.
Stay tuned.