Cohort A, B and C – Arrival , Dismissal and Health Screening – there is a change to the DOE Heath Screening Questionnaire: question #1

Cohort A, B and C

There is a revision to the DOE Heath Screening Questionnaire question #1

To access the health screening visit

We are delighted to welcome your children to the building starting on Tuesday, September 29th with Cohort C! In preparation for this, please take some time to carefully review the information below regarding Daily Health Screenings and our procedure for arrival and dismissal.

Daily Health Screening 

As you may already know, all DOE employees, visitors, and students must complete a daily health screening before entering DOE facilities. The health screening must be completed on each day of arrival. To access the health screening visit

Upon arriving at our school’s doors, please show the health-screening confirmation page (if completed online) or the completed questionnaire (a hard copy) to a safety agent or staff member.  If you are unable to pre-screen your child(ren) at home using either the online tool or paper questionnaire, an in-person health screening will take place at the school’s entry doors.  

To expedite the morning arrival process, please complete the Health Screening Questionnaire prior to arriving at the school.  For students riding the yellow-school bus, please be sure to give your child the completed questionnaire (a hard-copy) to show to a staff member at the school’s bus-entry door. In the event that you do not have access to a printer, please reach out to Gina at and we will backpack sufficient paper-copies of the questionnaire with your child(ren).  

In an effort to support families in taking their child’s temperature and completing the health screening, the DOE is supplying an oral thermometer for each student that attends school in-person. Oral thermometers will be backpacked home on the first day your child attends school. 

Be aware that any student who needs to complete the health screening in-person will undergo a temperature check by a safety agent or staff member. Students will also be randomly selected for temperature-checks at all school entrances; non-touch thermometers will be used for this purpose.  

Morning Arrival 

Every morning, students will be greeted by staff members at the building’s Main Entrance doors located on Third Avenue between 95th & 96th Street.  Arrival for students in K-5 starts at 8:45am and concludes at 8:55am; see the table below for specific locations.  To support with social distancing, families and students are to follow the six-foot space markings on the sidewalk (a light-blue heart) found along the perimeter of the school-building.  During drop-off, please line up against the building-wall that leads to your child’s specified entry-location. Note that if you have more than one child, you should drop-off at the entrance-door for your younger child. 

Students that arrive at school on the yellow school-bus will be greeted by school staff on the bus-entrance located on 95th Street between Lexington Avenue and Third Avenue.

Afternoon Dismissal 

Dismissal for all grades will take place at all exit-doors located on Third Avenue between 95th & 96th Street at the times and locations shown below.  We ask that parents/caregivers support the completion of a safe and smooth dismissal-process by being prompt (on-time) and adhering to social distancing regulations.  As noted previously, plan to practice physical distancing by following the six-foot space markings (the light-blue hearts) on the sidewalk which indicate where to stand.  When picking up your child(ren), please line up against the building-wall that leads to your child’s specified dismissal-location. To help maintain social distancing, we ask that parents/caregivers avoid congregating in front of the school building after picking up their child/children.  

As a reminder, physical distancing guidelines and use of a face covering is mandated by the Department of Education of all individuals on school property and required of all families/guardians during the drop-off/pick-up process.  

We thank you in advance for your attention and care with these procedures. More importantly, we thank you for your diligence and support in maintaining our school community healthy and safe. For more information on the NYCDOE’s School Health & Safety Plan please visit:

On behalf of our administration, teachers and staff, I welcome you and your child(ren) to our school-building!   We look forward to a happy, healthy and special 2020-2021 school year with you. 

Thank you,

Denise Pérez