Art with Ms. Michelle

October 2020

Welcome to Art. It has been an exciting, interesting and meaningful past few weeks. I want to thank my students for all of their patience and good positive smiles in class everyday. Together we will have a solid, artistic year ahead. Art is my passion and teaching is my purpose.  It is my calling in life, to open the heart and minds of children so they see the possibilities that can fuel their imagination and inspire them to love art, always and forever.

As I have mentioned several times, the beauty of art is that it can be done anywhere, any way or at anytime. In person or remote.

Art is a process of learning to create ourselves and experience the world in new ways. All children are artists and they look forward to having opportunities to be creative, inventive, experiment with new ideas, take risks and of course have fun. In my class the goal is to learn that art is an ongoing, sequential process. We begin the year with the Elements of Art as the fundamental building blocks for all work. Learning lines, shapes, value, form and space is essential and the way that art grows. The Principles of Design expands the elements as students learn to create compositions with harmony, repetition, contrast, symmetry, movement, focal points and balance. All lessons combine these basic, vital components mixed with various themes such as nature, people, illusion, time, multidimensional, everyday objects, experiences and on and on.

I also want students to use a variety of materials to build skills. This is an ongoing process as well. Exploring multi-mediums and techniques associated with all elements is a way to discover their own personal style.

Our school follows the guidance of the NY State Blueprints of the Arts with continued support from the Arts and Special Projects Division at Dept. of Education. I have been a professional artist my entire life and with PS77 community for fifteen years. What is rewarding to me is to watch students experience their joy and wonder, when they express themselves, discovering a big idea or concept and explore it further, analyze the space with persistence and grow independently.

This year we will investigate many ways to be creative from fine art, crafts, graphics, illustration, op art, perspective, architecture, cartooning, three dimensional work and more. As we cross these various avenues, instruction is always mixed with art history from the beginning of time throughout years; up to the modern era. Multi-cultural connections with social studies is explored. I also teach students how to incorporate art vocabulary as they reflect, analyze, write statements about their work and others. Math and science are an integral part of our experience as well.

As our school weeks unfold, I look forward to my students taking courage, strengthening their skills, building confidence and embracing how art can be a lifetime of joy. Together we will create an aesthetic year ahead. Please reach out to me if you ever have question. I support you and your children. Thank you. 💗 Ms. Michelle