This week’s Art Supplies for Kindergarten, First and Second Grade – October 28th-30th

Hi Students and Families, 

This week Art will be full of fun and colors. Students are excited about Halloween and have asked if they can learn how to make shapes such as pumpkins and lanterns.To create this project I am listing a few art supplies to bring to remote class on Wednesday October 28th and 29th. Choose whichever supplies work best for you.

Each one can create a pumpkin.

• orange paper with a circle template such as a plastic plate. Black marker or crayon for details.

• a paper plate that is white. Orange and black crayons. I think it is a good idea to remove the paper from the crayons so we can rub the color smoothly onto the plate. Paint is an option, however the student will need to wait until the color dries to add details.

.• a circle template for white paper to create the shapes with the orange and black paperless crayons.

 Students also want to make some Monsters. If they would like, bring the following for a fun idea. Toilet paper rolls. Markers or crayons.  (Completely optional: some white tissue paper, glue stick or cotton balls). Yes.. ghosts will be arriving.