Art with Ms. Michelle

November 2020

This past month has been an amazing surge of creativity and learning. October was about fun, festivity with discovery all around. It is a pure joy to do art with so many enthusiastic students. Art develops a willingness to explore new territory and I have seen that every day. The remote learning world has increased imagination by encouraging many new solutions. Our students have been incredibly flexible as they expand their curiosity and passion for art.

We began our unit with line designs as this is the foundation of all art. Working with variety of grids and creating variations of styles turned out remarkable.

Grid Line Designs
Curved Loopy Lines

Art supports problem solving. Students discovered that if they curved and softened their line they now had a beautiful aquarium of fish art. A delightful experience participating in the discovery and magic that is revealed when a line changes. With art there is no right way or wrong. So you know, if a class is missed for a day, you can always go to Google Classroom/grade and find all assignments. The concept for the week can be explored with variety as there are many solutions to the same problem. I encourage open-ended thinking that creates an environment of questions with multi-answers. Imagination is an endless opportunity that works.

Diagonal Line Art – Kindergarten

As the Halloween fun approached students used more directional lines to develop spider webs with a multi faceted approach. The circle emerged and pumpkins rolled onto our screens. Adding value, color combinations, different angles and expressions were amazing to watch. As the circles swirled around so did the lollipops. Colorful rainbows, curve lines in balloons and their imagination sailed in every direction. There were many happy jokes too. Did you know that spiders love Apples? That’s because spiders like to post their websites on Apple.

Artists Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali were revealed and studied. Dia de los Muertos was a wonderful cultural opportunity to create the symmetrical Sugar Skull and learn about memorabilia in Mexico. The science involved in creating pumpkin pie along with the celebration of National Candy Corn Day was full of smiles.

November will be an opportunity to explore Texture which is an Element of Art. This can be an implied illusion or something actually felt; realistic. I will post on Lab Website a reminder to have students bring a few leaves to art. This instruction will build awareness with patterns, repetition and varied designs. In addition, save a brown bag as we can create collage of trees in autumn. These are lessons that I look forward to discovering with students. We will take virtual tours with many American artists that loved nature. Children will build on artistic talents as they learn to express themselves and personalize their art.

Stay tuned.

Magritte Inspired
Circle and curved lines combined
Meow— See you soon.