Science December Update

Kindergarten: During our last session we discussed the life cycles of butterflies, how butterflies migrate to warmer places when it gets cold, and what butterflies need in order to live. Moving forward we are going to begin talking about how plants and animals (including humans) can change the environment to meet their needs.

1st Grade: During our last session we discussed bird adaptations, and planned an experiment to test which objects best mimicked certain bird beaks. Moving forward we will continue to determine patterns in behavior of parents and offspring that help offspring survive.

2nd Grade: During out last session we briefly talked about the Properties of Materials, discussing which materials were best suited depending on what it was being utilized for. This was our first discussion into the topic so here are some of the 2nd graders preliminary ideas on the topic:

3rd Grade: During our last session we discussed the structure of DNA, and planned an experiment to extract DNA from different kinds of fruit. Moving forward we will shift our focus from Inheritance and traits to Balancing Forces – which asks the question: What happens when objects interact?.

4th Grade: Students are currently designing and conducting their own sense experiments, however none are completed at the moment, so I do not have those to share. Our focus is shifting to Energy Conversions which asks the question: How do we know energy is conserved as it is transformed from one form to another? Here are some preliminary ideas 4th graders have about why a lamp might not be turning on when plugged in: