Coping During COVID-19 Child Mind Institute workshops

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Our partners at the Child Mind Institute are offering a series of free workshops. Interested caregivers can learn more about the workshops and register here.

Anxiety and COVID-19 –Wednesday, 12/9 4pm-5pm
Using a cognitive behavioral framework, this workshop will provide caregivers with a foundational understanding of what anxiety is and how it affects children. Caregivers will learn coping techniques that target difficult thoughts, feelings and behaviors, particularly in relationship to the pandemic, with an emphasis on how to apply these skills to manage their own stress and support their children.< /br? Fostering Resilience within your Family – Thursday, 12/10 4pm-5pm
We know one of the most important resilience factors is connection and relationships. This workshop will discuss the ways we help strengthen these relationships through effective communication, family self-care, validation, and making meaning through connecting to family values.

Managing Grief and Loss – Monday, 12/14 4pm-5pm
This workshop will help caregivers understand what grief is and how it effects children and the larger family system. Caregivers will learn strategies for helping children talk about their grief and remember the person who died. This workshop will also touch on when treatment may be necessary and special considerations for COVID-19.

Mindful Parenting – Monday, 12/14 5pm-6pm
The increased stress of the pandemic can affect our ability to be practice patience and deep listening with our children. Mindfulness and self-compassion can help parents navigate this landscape with greater skill and ease to become better attuned to themselves and the needs of their children. This workshop will summarize the benefits of mindfulness practice and how to bring it into your home. Parents will learn easy-to-follow mindfulness exercises that can help themselves stay calm in stressful situations so they can effectively respond to their children and recognize when children may need extra support. They will also learn mindfulness activities that they can practice with their children to incorporate it into their daily lives to help enhance family resilience.

Is My Child Going to Be Okay? – Wednesday, 12/16 4pm-5pm
The demands of the ongoing pandemic have required children to make numerous, unexpected adjustments that have impacted their daily routines and way of life. While it is normal to experience increased stress from change and uncertainty, it can be difficult for caregivers to know if what your child is experiencing during this period is “normal” or if it is something more serious. This workshop will help to guide parents in knowing how to identify and differentiate between the “expected” anxiety and stress that has resulted from adjusting to the “new normal” of the pandemic, versus when these symptoms are more serious and may require additional support or clinical intervention. This workshop will also highlight factors that contribute to childhood resiliency in the face of the current pandemic.

Managing Intense Emotions – Wednesday, 12/16 5pm-6pm
The combined effects of increased stress, ongoing confinement, and uncertainty can trigger intense emotions amongst family members more frequently, leaving caregivers and children with even less ability to effectively manage them when they arise. This workshop will teach caregivers a range of strategies for managing their own intense feelings on the spot, along with how to apply these skills to help support their children.